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We All Wet Our Lips To Prepare For The Kiss

But It Never Came

Exagerate And Trick Me
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and that's why I'm wondering why
you had to tell me
what's going on in your head

This is the journey of one girl through the mundanities of her final year at school. Of spats with friends and enemies; of rocky relationships better off ended but held dear. Of long corridors and endless staircases.

This is a search through finding herself in her classmates’ eyes and in the stars above.

Her tarot cards are old and tinged pink, but she lays them down with a steady hand, assured they will follow her magic and tell her the ways of the imminent.

This is a story of self, of sisters, of friends, of lovers.

This is the tale of Parvati.

name xXx Parvati Preeti Patil
age oOo 17
year xXx 7th
house oOo Gryffindor

sister xXx Padma Pushpanjali Patil
best friend oOo Lavender Brown
the boy (well, sometimes) xXx Aimé Gaston
the *secret* crush oOo that one person that shan't be named, for Aimé might become jealous

goals in life xXx become a well-respected Seer

and when she says she wants
somebody else
I hope you know
she doesn't mean you

and when she breaks down
and lets you down
I hope you know
she doesnt mean to
yeah, No, No...

This is, of course, completely true, and of course isn't an HP RPG. And I most certainly am Kristin Kreuk. Promise. /sarcasm